Yoga for All

KhushiSeYoga works with certified Yoga instructors to provide corporates and all yoga enthusiasts to learn Yoga for Stress Management and improve employee productivity.

Chair Yoga

Yoga asana/Sukshma Vyayama helps to relieve stress in joints, improve breathing and reduce stress can be done while working everyday.

Laughter Yoga

A fun filled hour for employees to laugh with our yogi who help your employees to laugh using yoga techniques in this stressful world.

Stress Management

Stress management session focused on improving breath control , joint movements and discussion on a healthy lifestyle.

Virtual Corporate Yoga

Virtual Yoga session for Remote Employees. Engage employees and various office locations around the country with a yoga program.

Virtual Personal Yoga and meditation session

Virtual Yoga session for all working professional with focus on specific ailment with a personalised yoga program.

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